Extra Services

Social cultural animation

Thorama follows the purpose of “Stimulating is always giving Soul and Life to a group of people, where relationships do not occur spontaneously” (JARDIM, 2002)

The sociocultural animation service is provided by Thorama, with the aim of promoting physical and emotional well-being, strengthening the user’s autonomy in daily tasks and enhancing social ties with their surroundings.

The sociocultural animation service is revised to the needs of each Service user and can be carried out in a physical-sensory motor and cognitive scope through plastic expression/handwork, expression and communication, and personal and social development.

Thus, with this service, Thorama intends to contribute to a better quality of life for the Service user, giving him due attention and stimulating the areas he needs most. This service is provided with an agreed quote.

Rental and sale of Mobility and Disability Aids

Thorama offers the service of rental and/or sale of Mobility and Disability Aids to mitigate the consequences or prevent the deterioration of the person’s clinical situation and allow the exercise of activities of daily living with the greatest possible normality. Technical aids are intended for people who, due to their condition, need to use them temporarily or permanently, producing better well-being, autonomy, integration, and quality of life for these same people.

Therefore, Mobility and Disability Aids aim to: facilitate correct positioning; the stabilization of the body or parts of the body; the prevention and minimization of deformities; facilitating movement and performing tasks safely; perform tasks with less pain and greater convenience, which can be placed or used by the user or with the help of third parties so that the user becomes more independent and autonomous. This service is provided by budget agreement.

Hairdressing, Manicure and Pedicure

These are services available to the Service user whenever he has difficulty in going to a service outside the home. Therefor, the professional, whether a hairdresser or a beautician, provides the necessary services at home. The professional will bring the utensils needed to provide the service. This service is provided by budget agreement.


Thorama assure the service of sewing and small adjustments to clothing and textiles without leaving the comfort of your home, namely, hems, adjustments, repairs, fastenings, buttons, among others. This service is provided by budget agreement.

House Cleaning

Thorama offers a more thorough and complete cleaning service for the home. This is an extra Service from the domiciliary care Service. This includes general cleaning and tidying up of the living space. Service Users can choose the most appropriate period to receive our team and the regularity with which they wish to use it (daily, weekly, biweekly, fortnightly or occasional). For each regular service, a Routine Task Plan is organized which, like all other services, is supervised by Management Team. This service is provided by budget agreement.


The laundry care service is completed outside the Service User property (outsourcing), this includes collection, washing, ironing and delivery. This service is carried out by partners contracted by Thorama, Cuidados de Saúde Ltd. This service is carried out in partnership with a laundry, therefore, all the clothes due to be transported to the laundry must be previously identified by the Service User and delivered to the Thorama employee, so they can then drop off in the Laundry. This service is provided by budget agreement.

Domestic Repair Services

It is a service provided by Thorama with the aim of producing the safest and most harmonious home environment possible for the Service user and all those who use the living space. This service is responsible for guaranteeing small maintenance arrangements that require a specialist and its own tools. Services included are: Blinds, doors, locks, switches, lamps, electrical connections, various fixings, taps, plumbing, drawers, among others and also the realization of ramps adapted to the home. This service is provided by budget agreement.


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